credit: Madison Goebel @ Pinterest
credit: Madison Goebel @ Pinterest

The Literarium

To be short, I’m your average American girl with a fierce passion for books, reading, and literacy, and I exercise this passion in both my professional and personal lives.

I love reading, writing, and books so much that I earned an Masters in English literature. My favorite genres are British, Indian, Japanese, and Korean literature. I also read a lot of fantasy fiction, both YA and adult.

When I’m not reading, I write fiction–fantasy–when I have the spare time. Otherwise, I divide my time between teaching college English and library work.

I love talking about reading and books, and I love sharing this passion with other people. I want to meet fellow book lovers who like talking about books as much as I do. I’m also an avid TV and movie watcher, so I may end up posting about a lot of my favorite TV shows and films that I’m wrapped up in at various times.

In addition to reviews and discussions, I hope to provide recommendations and reading lists (who doesn’t love book lists?), bookish op-eds, and anything else that sounds fun and book-related.

Thanks for stopping by; happy reading!


A Storied Soul

I’m an avid gamer with an extensive knowledge of the industry, as well as an avid reader in the genres of literary fiction, fantasy, and philosophy.